Creating a Snapshot of Virtual Machine from the Cloud Console


Snapshot is a feature provided by Proxmox used to preserve the virtual machine state.

A snapshot includes the contents of the virtual machine memory, virtual machine settings, and the state of all the virtual disks.

When you roll back to a snapshot, you restore the memory, virtual disks and all settings of the virtual machine to the state they were in when you took the snapshot.

You can take a snapshot and continue to use the virtual machine from that point, take another snapshot at a later point, and so on.

You can roll back to the snapshot of a previous known working state of the project if the changes do not work as expected.

For Example, If you are testing software, you might want to save multiple snapshots as branches from a single baseline in a process tree.

1. Login to your Readyspace Cloud Console

2. Click the Services drop down menu at the left bar of the screen

3. Slect Virtual Datacenter then click on Cloud Infrastructure service (Ex: Cloud Infrastructure SG, Cloud Infrastructure US, Cloud Infrastructure HK)

4. Select your Virtual Data Center plan under Product/Services

5. Select the VM you would like to create snapshot of

6. Click Snapshots on the left

7. Click Create a new snapshot

8. Input Details and click Create Snapshot

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